For Takeaway

To go orders are called takeaway in Australia.

The end of my trip is sitting in front of me like a basket of chips and I keep hearing the same question:

What is my biggest takeaway from this experience?

What I’ve come to realize is that you only truly have yourself. If you want something, you must do it on your own. You can’t expect anything to come easily and you can’t expect anything to be handed to you. That’s the shortcut to disappointment, if you ask me.

In the same concept but different light, you also have the power to choose your path. If you aren’t asking for any handouts you can put your hard work into exactly what you want. You can make every decision for yourself and the only way is to nay the excuses and just effing do it.

What path would truly fulfill you? What path is truly worth the elbow grease? And what path are you willing to go alone, if necessary?

I started this experience hoping to gain a little more independence. I’m lucky to be leaving with so much more. I’m inspired to blaze my own trail. I’ve been motivated to reach my own definition of success. I’m hungry for the countless opportunities that await (like ordering pizza to my own beautiful city apartment).

What a journey this has been…Life has a funny way of getting you to the place you need to be, around the voices you should hear. Thank you, Smug Sydney Siders for all of your spoken and unspoken words. Everything has been for takeaway.

2 months, lots of red wine, and Carpe Diem.






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