Speechless in Sydney

My soul is both fulfilled and empty. How can it already be almost time to leave? Before I came to Sydney, I thought to myself how two months seemed like a long time to be abroad. I knew that if I didn’t love it, 8 weeks would be too long. I cannot believe how wrong I was for worrying.

I feel a lump forming in my throat as I ponder going back to the states. Do I miss my family? Of course. Do I really crave Chick-fil-A, authentic Mexican food, and my Momma’s home cooked meals? Well, no duh. Am I looking forward to sleeping in a full-sized bed and in a room of my own? Absolutely.

So why am I so emotional and heart broken? Why do I feel so strongly connected to a city so unlike my home? Why do I feel so perfectly comfortable in a place so outside of my comfort zone?

I will forever have a place in my heart for the USA. But as it comes time to leave, something is telling me that this won’t be my last adventure here. It seems like a fairy tale that I just happened to choose a study abroad program that brought me to the city that feels so much like my place to settle down. A city truly so perfect to me.

I try to imagine the questions my family and friends will have about my 8 weeks here. I know how eager they are to hear stories, cultural comparisons, and the things I have learned. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’m speechless.



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