Espresso, Michael Jackson, and My Attitude

I drink hot coffee in the morning to melt the ice on my heart. I need that energy to simply speak without ensuing irritation. My dad will say “morning,” and then after coffee he might add “good morning.” 🙂 I wonder where I get this from…

Something I have recently discovered is that my energy is so much more than the amount of sleep I got last night. My energy comes from my sense of routine, giving myself enough time to prepare for the day, having breakfast, and being hydrated, among other things. My attitude and daily choices have an even greater effect on my energy throughout the day. With a little help, I can choose my level of energy. I want to share the story of what brought this to my attention:

Everyday I go to work, I almost always listen to music. Last Friday morning, I got on the city bus and every part of my body was begging me to turn around and go to bed. I needed an energy boost and coffee wasn’t enough. I sleepily looked through Spotify and stumbled upon a playlist I found last summer called, “Have a Great Day!” (I urge you to check this out, no matter your taste in music.)

Bingo. The playlist has some oldies but goodies, i.e., “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” and they really put a pep in my step. Then, one of the songs reminded me of one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs and I quickly surfed his Spotify page. I clicked on “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” I suddenly had the urge to breakout in dance on public transportation. I was cured. I kept the song on repeat and as I got off the bus, I was suddenly more excited to go to work. I had more confidence in my ability to get things done and I felt that the day would in fact be great, despite what it first felt like on my way to the bus.

What makes you excited for the day? Do you like to have time to read the news? Maybe you like to have a nice breakfast. Specifically, one where you are able to sit down at the table as opposed to inhaling a bowl of cereal over the sink. Getting a good night’s sleep is helpful, yes. But remember that you have more power over your energy than you think. It would have been easy for me to find a soft, calm queue of songs that matched my sleepy mood. But by listening to the funkiness by The King of Pop himself, I turned my attitude and entire day around. 

Next time you’re feeling consumed with exhaustion, listen to one of your favorite up-beat songs. Read something that inspires you, might I suggest creating a Pinterest board or a collection of quotes that inspire your productivity. Do what you must do to create the energy you need. And absolutely “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” 😉 I’m really sorry, I couldn’t resist that one. Choose your energy. You are more than strong enough. 

Peace, love, espresso, and The King of Pop. 



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