Tweets of the Week

Title coined from my days of reading and writing for the Odyssey Purdue. I have deleted the Twitter app from my phone in a small attempt to be more present and less distracted while I’m here. I do miss writing down my random thoughts from day to day and I have ended up recording them through the notes in my phone.

Thus a recap of my observations:

  1. When I return to America, the coffee will make me sad. I have become accustomed to the small but mighty espresso. I might cry at the sight of gas station coffee water. Even my work office has an espresso-style Keurig thingy. Although, I do miss running errands with my ~caramel iced coffee~ and  @mybffElaina.
  2. Memorial Day stung a little bit. My heart aches for the taste of the American summer.
  3. I’m working in recruitment and it dawned on me. In the interview process the saying does not apply, “No news is good news.”
  4. A highly specific time that I miss my mom is when I realize how bad I am at cutting muskmelon.
  5. A friendly suggestion: Open your mind and seek inspiration. You can choose to be inspired instead of passively being inspired. This thought could lead to it’s own blog post.
  6. In Australia, when someone arrives to the office, everyone cheerfully greets them and says hello. I feel like in America, you might get a nod.

Whether or not these observations are productive, they are highly relevant. Peace, love, and imperfect manifesto.



Imperfect Manifesto - colour



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