For Takeaway

To go orders are called takeaway in Australia. The end of my trip is sitting in front of me like a basket of chips and I keep hearing the same question: What is my biggest takeaway from this experience? What I’ve come to realize is that you only truly have yourself. If you want something, you […]

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Speechless in Sydney

My soul is both fulfilled and empty. How can it already be almost time to leave? Before I came to Sydney, I thought to myself how two months seemed like a long time to be abroad. I knew that if I didn’t love it, 8 weeks would be too long. I cannot believe how wrong […]

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Business or Pleasure?

Last week at work was very exciting for me as I was able to focus on the communications side of my education. At the beginning of the week, I focused on writing job ads to be posted for new roles we were looking to fill for our clients. It turned out to be a very […]

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Point of View

Yesterday we toured a part of the Blue Mountains National Park. We gathered at an unripe 7:15 on a Saturday morning. We had a long bus ride, lunch was rushed, and things started a little grumpy. Okay, maybe that was just me. Once we started hiking I perked up tremendously. With my fellow Americans we ooh-ed […]

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Tweets of the Week

Title coined from my days of reading and writing for the Odyssey Purdue. I have deleted the Twitter app from my phone in a small attempt to be more present and less distracted while I’m here. I do miss writing down my random thoughts from day to day and I have ended up recording them […]

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